Integrated Solutions

Integrated Solutions: John Deere Precision Ag Technology, Operations Center, Ag Management Solutions, Seedstar Mobile, JD Link Connect, Generation 4 Premium Activation, GPS, RTK systems at Amundson Peterson, Serving your new and used equipment needs from Elbow Lake, Morris, Benson, and Madison, Minnesota.



From planning to harvest, only John Deere seamlessly connects machines, people, technology, and insights to give you an advantage.  And while other manufacturers bolt-on equipment that may or may not work throughout your production cycle, John Deere develops precision technology specifically for the tractors, combines, sprayers, planters, hay and tillage products you own...all supported by a trusted source: Amundson Peterson, Inc.


John Deere Operations Center


John Deere Operations Center is a centralized online portal that lets you access, view, archive, manage, and share your operation's information.  You can see average yield, total yield, average moisture, seeding variety and rates, machine location and more.

* Operations Center is currently included with a purchase of JDLink Connect, SeedStar Mobile or Harvest Mobile.

Features & Benefits



SeedStar Mobile

SeedStar Mobile provides row-by-row planter performance and shows seeding fluctuations in real-time and be able to correct them quickly.

50% off SeedStar Mobile system, first year subscription included  (offer ends April 30, 2016)



JDLink Connect

The next-best thing to being in the cab.  Now, you can manage your operation in real-time without being in the cab.  JDLink Connect is the easiest and most efficient way to transfer data into Operations Center.



Gen 4 Premium Activation

The Generation 4 CommandCenter Premium Activation allows you to have a single display in the cab that controls not only the machine functions but also has precision ag capabilities.  In addition to running AutoTrac precision guidance, you can now document seed and fertilizer, control row unit or boom section shut-offs with Section Control.



Machine Sync

John Deere Machine Sync allows coverage map sharing and guidance line sharing to improve planting, seeding, spraying, harvest, and nutrient application.  This increases efficiency in the field because two machines can work simultaneously with each operator having immediate access to coverage maps and guidance lines to ensure complete field coverage.



Field Connect

John Deere Field Connect uses field-installed probes to monitor moisture levels at various depths.  It then sends the information to the web-based interface where you can see the data on your computer or mobile device.



Remote Display Access

Remote Display Access (only available with JDLink Connect) gives you, your farm manager or Amundson Peterson, Inc., with your permission, the ability to view an operator's screen remotely.  Operator training, implement setup or troubleshooting a problem can be accomplished without waiting on a service call while in the field.



Wireless Data Transfer

John Deere Wireless Data Transfer enables automatic data transfer over the air between your GreenStar 3 2630 display in the cab and  Time consuming manual transfer actions with a USB flash drive are obsolete, which helps eliminate the risk of data getting lost and saves you time by making documentation easy.