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5D Series

If there's a new utility tractor in your future, do yourself a favor. Dare to compare the John Deere 5D to all the rest. One test drive and you’ll see, the 5D may be our entry-priced utility tractor, but its features, capability and quality are anything but entry-level.

5E Series (45-75 hp)

The 45 to 75 horsepower 5E Series Utility Tractors now offer greater flexibility than ever before with the choice of an open operator station, or cab configuration. Choose the open station for more basic chores, or go with the comfort of a climate-controlled cab for year-round productivity.

5E Series (83-101 hp)

5M Series

If you spend a lot of time on the road, you’ll love the new synchronized range selector. Now, you can shift from B to C to D, all without stopping the tractor. And with five more inches of wheelbase, roading the 2012 5M Series is smoother, faster, and more comfortable.

6D Series

The 6D Series is a seriously versatile line of tractors. Available in configurations from 105- to 140 engine horsepower, the 6D Series offers the options you need to handle more.

6M Series

M is for Muscle

The 105- to 125-hp 6M Series Tractors


6R Series

Ready for anything.

The 105- to 125-hp 6R Series Tractors